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Morphinist is a German post/atmospheric-black metal project formed in 2013 in Hamburg.
The only member is Argwohn.
It is hard to compare Morphinist to other bands from the post-black metal genre, due to the fact that Argwohn changes the sound of the project with each release,
adding various elements of other genres to the music and refusing to follow any book of rules.
Argwohn works alone.
There are only a few exceptions for guests helping out with instruments or artwork.
The project is known for its high output with several albums per year on a constant high level of musicianship.
The lyrics often are about philosophical themes, especially the interconnection of dark and bright, good and evil, yin and yang.


01. Believer (Transcendent Bringer of Light) (Demo, 2013)

02. Disbeliever (Descent into Endless Darkness) (Demo, 2013)

03. Nebulae (Full-length, 2013)

04. Spiritual Transmutation (EP, 2013)

05. The Wormhole Session (EP, 2013)

06. Morphinist (Full-length, 2013)

07. The Arcane Session (Full-length, 2014)

08. The Pessimist Session (Full-length, 2014)

09. The Euphoria Session (Full-Length, 2014)

10. No Future For Old Memories (EP, 2015)

11. Level XI (EP, 2015)

12. Geopfert (Full-Length, 2015)

13. Dustlife (Full-Length, 2015)

14. Fetish Support (EP, 2015)

15. Nihil (Full-Length, 2016)

16. Terraforming (Full-Length, 2016)

17. Giants (Full-Length, 2016)

18. Doomcraft (EP, 2016)

19. Follow The Grain (Full-Length, 2017)

20. What Once Was Immortal (EP, 2017)

21. Lust (Full-Length, 2018)

22. Sunwalker (Full-Length, 2018)

23. Esoteric (Full-Length, 2018)

24. Thousand Souls Unleashed (Full-Length, 2019)