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Galaktik Cancer Squad is an ambitious project from Germany. It was formed by Argwohn in 2011 and combines the ability of progressive metal with the aggression of black metal. 

The name "Galaktik Cancer Squad" was intended to be a song for Uranus Explodes, a side-project formed in 2004, but the material was too heavy for a post-rock based experimental project, so it became anindependent space black metal project. The first full-length "Eroberer" was written in a few days afterforming in late august of 2011. It changed directly into the main project and more songs came up with several splits and an EP.

In December 2011 the songwriting for the second full-length "Strange Spheres of Hyperborea" started andthe recordings were finished in March 2012. This album reached a new level of modern metal music andits instrumental works with over 20 minutes playtime are just not of this world. When words can't describe the feelings about time and space, the music takes over and guides you through unknown spheres of creativity and explosive atmospheres. Because of that GCS has almost no vocals. 

On June 21st 2013, GCS released its first physical album ever, named "Ghost Light" via Hypnotic Dirge Records.  

Besides cosmic and philosophical themes, GCS deals with pretty human problems like drugs and depressions, always looking into the abyss of the human mind.


Eroberer (Full-length, 2011)

Oceans of Piss and Blood (Split, 2011)

Ewig Wachend (EP, 2011)

Strange Spheres of Hyperborea (Full-length, 2012)

Strange Spheres of Hyperborea (Remastered) (Full-length, 2012)

Isolation / Separation (Split, 2012)

The Gathering (Compilation, 2012 )

Celestia (Full-length, 2012)

Ghost Light (Full-length, 2013)